gldn hour Gua Sha


Take your skincare routine to new heights with our rose quartz crystal heart shaped mini facelift Gua Sha. This tool is a modern take on a healing technique used in traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate meridians, improve circulation to heal pain, inflammation and revitalize chi. The heart shape is designed to target both large and small areas on the face, giving you a lifted, dewy and radiant complexion. Used with you favourite serum, our Gua Sha tool will provide will elevate both beauty and wellness.


benefits include: 

  • boosts circulation
  • improves lymphatic drainage
  • smoothes wrinkles, softens fine lines, reduces dark circles & puffiness
  • lifts, sculpts and firms face contour
  • improves the appearance of neck lines
  • lifts and firms jowl area
  • lifts eyebrows

 *the ultimate beauty crystal is rose quartz. It corresponds to the heart chakra which is the energy centre for love. This incredible stone is our favourite choice for boosting beauty from the inside out. 

*each piece is hand-made and unique. it may vary slightly in colour and shape.