we made beauty drinkable

we all spend too much time on everything else and not enough on ourselves.
that’s why we made gldn hour: each can is a moment to nourish beauty from the inside out.
rejuvenating and refreshing, it's like taking a sip of self-care.

beauty from the inside out

we believe in elevated self-care and that replenishing beauty from the inside out is the key to lasting radiance and wellness. hydrolyzed marine collagen is our functional ingredient and is a highly bioavailable building block to support beauty from within. we chose marine, the beauty go-to type of collagen because It minimizes fine lines & wrinkles, strengthens hair & nails, improves skin elasticity and overall health.  
oh, and we didn't stop there. we added aloe vera inner leaf for its natural anti-inflammatory superpowers.

kind to our planet

we honour our planet and are free of false promises. we have taken responsibility and action to reduce our footprint because we love our planet and we know you do to. our packaging is infinitely recyclable, and we chose sustainable, wild caught and locally sourced collagen.
also, as proud member of the 1% for the planet organization, we commit to donating 1% of our sales to environmental non-profits around the world. we operate with a calm mind and shining hearts.

made for drinkability

delightfully drinkable, our three refreshing and subtly flavoured sparkling waters will inspire you to drink more than your daily dose of self-care and start glowing from the inside out. a drink that fits into your skincare routine. now you can cherish the moment and take a sip of beauty on-the-go. 
no sugar or sweeteners
no preservatives
no artificial colours
low calories
naturally flavoured 
organic juices